Run Location based iPad Surveys
Run distinctive studies in various areas. Get aggregate and similar area reports. Use the location manager to publish new surveys remotely to any iPad. FeedbackPub gives the functionalities to enables you to update your survey from your desk.
You can run the survey on the bases of locations and collect information as per the location. Through this feature, it’s very easy to collect the data for auditing. You can monitor your iPads from a far to ensure that the system is monitoring customer satisfaction efficiently.

NPS, CES and CSAT Measures
Check Customer integrity, satisfaction and efforts with CES, NPS and CSAT questions. For your business, measuring customer satisfaction should be an important metric that points to your success.
FeedbackPub is a tool for measuring customer satisfaction, but the first part which you need to get right is the conviction that you need to get feedback from your customers. And this platform allows you to get the feedback and do all the measurements for the same.

Comprehensive Reporting
Get point by point, ongoing reports for studies immediately to dissect and make a move. With the help of our feedback system, you will get a comprehensive report to know the satisfaction level of your customers.
FeedbackPub gives access to compare the data on the basis of date and location. The reports are so potential to understand the flow of business and where need to do improvements.

Offline overviews
No web connection? Don’t you worry? On FeedbackPub’s iPad Survey App, you can catch feedback without having an internet connection. The feedback will be put away in the iPad and will auto-match up when the Internet is associated once more.
Catch leads amid occasions and takes input nonstop without stressing over WiFi availability with the Offline iPad Survey Apps. With our offline feedback system you can expand your reach without any hassle and complications.
It will increase loyalty and referrals. FeedbackPub is a source to enhance your brand reputation with good experiences. No internet required to gather valuable customer feedback to improve your business, services and customer experience.

NPS, CES, CSAT and other rating scales
You can choose NPS, CES, CSAT, and other rating scales to measure consumer’s loyalty, faithfulness, and exertion with the assistance of prominent industry models. FeedbackPub is giving different kind of rating scales to measure the result in an effective way.
We are giving Net Promoter Score Scale, it is a customer loyalty metric where the scale is given from 1 to 10 and your customer gives the scores according to your services and their experiences.
For your convenience, we are offering Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), It is one of the most commonly used metrics to measure customer satisfaction. Similar to CSAT, Customer Effort Score can help to define the specific areas that have to be improved within an organization.

Point by point Reports and Insights
Get a close look into client’s tendency through the analytics and drill-down reports, that you may have never observed! Through the best possible reports and insights, it is easy to get the database on every point of the business. It is one of the useful features

Multi-channel Survey App
Our Feedback takes a shot at numerous channels to enable you to take input crosswise over different stages. FeedbackPub is an unmatchable platform to capture more feedback, take a fairable analysis and take action as per the insights. For the online survey, FeedbackPub is available on the App Store for iPhones & iPads and on Google Play Store for Android devices.

Design rational forms

Use survey skip and add logic features to generate rational survey forms. Show only relevant screens to your respondents. Make custom forms to gather information with preset approval choices so you don’t have to stress over invalid data being recorded. FeedbackPub is giving the functionality to make surveys more customer friendly by adding logic features and design by your choices.

  • Android review application – Catch client input on-premises on Android tablets

  • iPad review application – Do reviews and take inputs on iPads and iPhones
  • Online reviews – Catch Run online reviews and circulate by means of various channels.
  • Mobile Survey – Work beautifully on mobile and desktop.

Select From portrait and landscape – Choose Survey Orientation
Choose between different modes(portrait or landscape). To give a better user experience to your customer, you can select your survey orientation and choose between landscape or portrait modes on your android mobile or tablet.

Respondent tracking and management
  • Pre-populate information – Map surveys and segments of your business by real-time pre-populate data. It makes your survey more simple and convenient.
  • Run various campaigns – Run various online survey campaigns in the meantime and gather input in parallel. Discussion about various touch-focuses!
  • View log and logs Summaries – Know what your survey metrics wants to tell you, check feedback logs and summaries and develop an understanding of respondent metrics.
  • Manage unsubscribes – Deal with your supporters and withdraws adequately. Grasp reasoning and improve your online surveys campaigns.